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  • Microblading

    Get Bold, Beautiful Eyebrows with Microblading Forget eyebrow pencils! Frame your face with the full, thick,…

  • Classic Lashes

    Smile with your eyes! Our classic sets utilize single strand Xtreme Lashes. Lashes are attached…

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    Volume Lashes from Luxx Lash Salon Turn up the volume! Our Volume Sets utilize ultra…


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  • Time To Get “Done Up” For Summer

    Admit it, sometimes during the winter months we let a few things go. Many of us are guilty of slacking a little on our beauty treatments during the cooler months.  Totally normal, but it is spring now, so it is time to get back on track, time to get “done up” for summer. Wax On, Wax Off! Smooth Skin For Summer Nothing accentuates shorts, or sundresses better than smooth skin.  Luxx Lash Salon & Boutique offers many waxing services to keep us feeling gorgeous. Everyone has their own look and needs, so Luxx Lash Salon offers waxing treatments for small areas…

  • Eyebrow Extensions 101 with The Luxx Lash Salon & Boutique

    These days, thick and fabulous is the order of the day for popular lash and eyebrow trends. At Luxx Lash Salon & Boutique we specialize in many areas of beauty like clothing and procedures that make your eyebrows and eyelashes “red carpet ready.” From microblading eyebrows to eyelash extensions, we understand how to give you the youthful look that you desire. Your eyebrows are key features of your face and treating them as so is important. With our Revive-A-Brow extension method, you can have perfect, full eyebrows for your next big event. Here are some of the most popular questions…

  • Microblading 101

    Women spend a good chunk of their life applying and removing makeup every day. One of the most common areas where makeup is utilized is the eyebrow. Take a look at our latest solution to eyebrow makeup: Microblading. What is Microblading? Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup. By definition, microblading is the technique of implanting pigment after the creation of fine incisions in the skin. Although this methods for eyebrow semi-permanent tattoos has been around for thousands of years, it is currently a trending fashion statement among women in Dallas, Texas. Microblading is a great technique that women can…

  • Extending the Life of Your Eyelash Extensions

    It has been proven that women spend a good chunk of their lives doing makeup and putting extra attention into their eyelashes. This is a good and bad thing because there are so many other things that they could be doing during that time. Many women have recently realized this theory and have begun to take part in the eyelash extension revolution. With eyelash extensions, life is just easier as far as makeup goes. However, these extensions don’t last forever and can be quite costly. Find out how you can extend the life of your next set of extensions. The…

  • Best Microblading Aftercare Tips

    You always want your brows to look their best, and that is why you have turned to an experienced specialist for the microblading method. Although microblading eyebrows is an easier to handle method, unlike eyebrow extensions, there are still some maintenance issues that arise with microblading aftercare. Your new eyebrows are beautiful but came at a cost that ensures that you do not want to ruin them. Here are a few facts about the healing process and what to avoid the first few days into the microblading after-care period. The Healing Process The healing process of microblading is entirely dependent…