Eyebrow Extensions

Revive-A-brow™ Eyebrow Extensions

Thick and fabulous brows, for a fresh and youthful look because your eyebrows need love too!

Eyebrows are a key detail on our face and small changes can make a big statement. Transform your eyebrows into perfectly contoured masterpieces for an instant facelift! Especially great for special events (weddings, birthdays, reunions, holidays, etc). Each eyebrow hair is individually applied to either your own natural eyebrow hairs or even directly onto the skin (unlike lash extensions, eyebrow hairs can be applied directly to the skin by using a special skin glue in areas where no hair is present, thus creating unlimited possibilities for eyebrow design).

Revive-A-brow™ extensions are waterproof, sweatproof, and hypoallergenic. They can last from 10 to 24 days with proper care. Available in 4 shades: blonde, auburn, medium brown and dark brown.

Revive-A-brow™ Sets
*Free brow tint included with all sets
Level 1
Revive-A-brow™ $149 | $99 Luxx Members
75% natural eyebrows/ 25% eyebrow extensions
Best For: Touch ups, filling in either heads or tails of eyebrows or small scars
Level 2
Revive-A-brow™ $249 | $199 Luxx Members
50% natural eyebrows/ 50% eyebrow extensions
Best For: Adding volume to eyebrows and fixing problem areas
Level 3
Revive-A-brow™ $349 | $299 Luxx Members
25% natural eyebrows/ 75% eyebrow extensions
Best For: Filling in very sparse eyebrows, creating both shape and fullness
Level 4
Revive-A-brow™ $449 | $399 Luxx Members
0% natural eyebrows/ 100% eyebrow extensions
Best For: Those who have lost their eyebrows due to medical conditions. An eyebrow design of your preference will be shaped, formed, and filled to fullness.
Rebrow™ Sets
*Free brow tint included with all re-brows™
Re-brows™ $55 | $45.99 Luxx Members Re-brows™ $75 | $65.99 Luxx Members
Re-brows™ $95 | $75.99 Luxx Members Re-brows™ $105 | $95.99 Luxx Members
Maintain those pretty and full eyebrows by getting refills as needed.