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Eyelash Extension Tips

What you need to know before selecting a location for your eyelash extension application for the best results and to avoid damage to your natural lashes.

The media has occasionally raised questions regarding the effects of eyelash extensions on natural lashes. Unfortunately, many of the reports have not included complete facts and in depth information on the subject.

PROPERLY APPLIED eyelash extensions do not cause damage to natural lashes. Xtreme Lashes® strongly believes it is irresponsible to sell eyelash extension products to anyone who has not been properly trained.

FLARES AND ‘INDIVIDUAL’ LASHES applied as shortcuts. Flares, Clusters and ‘Individuals’ consist of attached groups of 3-8 blunt-end lashes, often with a knot at the end. These types of lash enhancements are designed to be applied to the skin using temporary lash adhesive for short term wearing. It has become known that some technicians are taking these lash groups and using a semi-permanent eyelash extension adhesive to adhere flares and individuals directly to natural lashes. Applying lashes in bundles will take significantly less time to achieve a full look rather than a single lash by lash application. However this is an unhealthy method for natural lashes.

These bundled lashes are far too heavy for a single natural lash to support. If applied to one natural lash they can break the natural lash and inhibit future re-growth. Alternately, if they are applied to multiple natural lashes to properly support their heavy weight, multiple natural lashes will be adhered together. Since natural lashes grow at different rates, the flares will cause faster growing natural lashes to prematurely pull out slower growing lashes from the root since they are bonded together. This can result in permanent damage and lash baldness if done repeatedly. Be sure you are getting genuine single lashes applied by asking to see the lashes before your application. Look closely as some appear to be singles at first glance but are actually stacked individuals (one on top of another), like a split end!

CARELESS ADHESION – 3-4 human lashes being clumped together is not the proper way to apply eyelash extensions. Again, this comes down to training and quality. Lashes applied properly should be adhered one by one. One small synthetic lash is attached to one natural lash. If several natural lashes are adhered together because the technician has not been trained to isolate a single natural lash or is being too quick or too careless to do so, it can cause pain and, in the end, damage to the natural lashes. The pain will be felt a day or two after application, as faster growing natural lashes begin to pull out a slower growing natural lash it is adhered to. While not significant pain (it can be equated to a small pin pricking sensation along the lash line), it is a sign that something was done incorrectly during the application.

Properly applied eyelash extensions should be seen but not felt. There should be no discomfort during or after application. Both of the examples demonstrated in the photos above show the effect of many lashes being adhered together. Two single lashes adhered together may not be initially visible to you, but a trained stylist or technician will notice. Trained professionals not only isolate a single lash as they apply, but constantly check throughout the application to ensure that no lashes are adhering together as they dry.

Sunless tanning tips

A key component to giving a beautiful airbrush tan is the solution. At Luxx Lash Salon and Boutique you are our focus and we only select the best products when it comes to each and every guest. We believe that the beauty of a sun-kissed glow should never be achieved at the sacrifice of healthy skin. Our Organic sunless tanning solution makes your skin looking natural that can be tailored to suit all skin types. The solutions are water-based, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, oil and alcohol-free. They use minimal ingredients which mean less chance of irritation and since it is water-based your skin doesn’t smell or feel sticky afterwards. Using these products will prolong the life of your stunning airbrush tan. When you receive your first airbrush tan, you will see and feel “the difference.”

How Does Spray Tanning Work?

The solution used in spray tanning is called Dihydroxyacetone or DHA. DHA is a colorless sugar that interacts with the skin cells located in the stratum corneum of the epidermis (the upper and outermost layer of your skin). As the sugar interacts with the dead skin cells, a color change occurs. This change usually lasts about five to seven days from the initial application. DHA has been in use since the 60s when it was first approved for cosmetic application by the Food and Drug Administration.

Is the DHA Solutions safe?

Absolutely! The DHA solution used at Blow Beauty Bar is 100% organic, oil-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, vegan, and approved by PETA. With your approval we add a scented essential oil for a moisturizing and fragrance effect.

Why will my spray tan only last seven to ten days?

Every day, millions of dead skin cells are sloughed off or worn away from the surface of your skin. This is the same area where the solution interacts with your skin to create the tanning effect. Every 35 to 45 days, you have an entirely new epidermis. This is why tans from sunless or self-tanning lotions will gradually fade – as the dead cells are worn away, so is your tan. The more you moisturize the longer your tan will last.

What can I do to extend the life of my tan?

You can extend the life of your tan by up to a few days by using a tan extendor product. These are moisturizers that help reduce the sloughing of dry and/or dead skin skin cells. If you have dry skin these products are especially recommended.

I have sensitive skin. Can I be spray tanned?

If you have skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis is is best to perform a patch test before deciding to be spray tanned. We can perform a patch test for you and will do so if you have specific skin conditions. If we find that you can be spray tanned, it is important to apply a lot of moisturizer as part of your aftercare regime as the solution can have a drying effect on your skin.

Is the color instant?

Yes. The solutions we use have a bronzing color agent in the blend so that we can see where we are spraying. This will insure even color all over your body. The agent will wash off with your first shower however the DHA will be developing underneath the bronzer over the next 8 to10 hours. The longer you can go without showering (up to 10 hours) the more time your tan will have to fully develop.

How long does it take to apply?

We use a High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) turbine unit to do your spray tan. Think of a vaccum cleaner in reverse. We can do a tan in about 15 minutes however we usually take 15 to 20 minutes to be sure that your tan is completed thoroughly. The time it takes for you enter our location, disrobe, have a consultation, spray tan, dry, and re-dress is about 30 minutes.

How long do I have to wait to exercise or shower?

With our regular formula, most of the DHA reaction time occurs within the first 5 to 8 hours after the application however the tan can continue to develop up to 8 to 12 hours after the application. Normally, the longer you wait the better. The longer the time before you shower or work out the longer you will hold the tan.

How often should I moisturize after being spray tanned?

The more the better. A good moisturizer will deliver water to the skin very effectively and keep it in the skin for as long as possible. If you don’t moisturize your skin after being spray tanned, your skin will dry out and exfoliate quickly removing your tan. Your tan will also come to appear more patchy.

Do I need to apply sun protection with my spray tan?

ABSOLUTELY! There is no SPF protection in any of the solutions on the market today. Just because your skin looks tanned does not mean that your skin is protected from harmful UV rays. You can still get sun-burned if you do not apply any protection.

Do I have to remove body hair before being spray tanned?

It is advisable to shave or wax at least 8 hours BEFORE bein spray tanned. Both remove the top layer of the skin and opens your pores. Spray tanning right afterwards can clog your pores and give the appearance of freckle spots where you have shaved or waxed.

If you shave or wax after your spray tan you will accelerate the exfoliating process and reduce the life of your tan. You can also exfoliate the tan unevenly giving a patchy or streaky look. If you must shave use a very sharp razor applied lightly so you remove only the hairs – not the tan.

What do I wear for my spray tan service?

During the spray tan you can wear as little as you are comfortable with. Our staff is very professional and discrete. If you wear a bathing suit it should be dark and form fitting.

After your spray tan you should wear loose, dark cotton clothing with slip on shoes so as not to leave any marks or rub the spray tan off your skin. You should also not reapply jewelry as it can scratch the tan.

Can I apply makeup right after a spray tan?

You can apply a light coverage of makeup after being spray tanned but if you wash and rinse it at all before waiting the 10 to 12 hours you will stop the tan from developing anymore. Spray tanning the face is a choice. If you choose to do your face we recommend getting only a light spray applied. It’s easier to blend makeup on a lighter face than to lighten up a tanned face and still look natural.

How long does a spray tan last?

It really depends on your skin type, the solution used, and the length of time between the application and the first shower. Most will last 5 to 7 days but can be extended up to 10 days if using and extender and following the proper aftercare instructions.

If you want to keep your tanned look it is recommended to get a spray once a week and apply a moisturizer daily to maintain the tan.

If I have a dark spray tan will it last longer?

No. Only moisturizers and tan extenders can extend the life of your tan.

Will the airbrush tan cause my skin to look orange?

There are two main factors that can cause the orange undertones that you see with spray tanning. First is too much DHA applied to your skin. Either there were too many applications or too high a concentration of DHA in a single application. The other factor is the balance of your skin’s PH level.

A true professional knows how to identify and prevent these combinations from occuring with your tan. We offer a No Orange hue guarantee with each of our services. A spray tan should not go orange if applied correctly. We also custom blend our solution to match the right skin tones. A fair person would receive a solution that is completely different from someone with olive skin.

Do people with body hair develop an uneven tan where the hair is present?

No! The spray tan solution mist can penetrate past the hair to achieve the same result as spraying someone without hair.

Will the spray tan dry out my skin?

Most spray tan solutions have a minimal percentage of pure alcohol or drying preservative in the blend. As long as you regularly apply moisturizer while maintaining your spray tan it will not dry out your skin.

I have excessively dry skin. Can I be spray tanned?

Yes! You will have to do a few extra steps but you can still achieve and maintain your spray tanned look. You should exfoliate your skin for three successive days before getting spray tanned. After being spray tanned you should moisturize twice daily to slow down your skins exfoliation process.

How far in advance should I spray tan before attending a special event?

If you are attending a wedding, party, or other special event you should be spray tanned one or two evenings before the actual event. You should wait at least 36 hours before the event – this allows time for the tan to fully activate and settle. You also have at least two showers to remove bronzers that may be left on the skin so as not to stain your garment for the event.

I sweat easily. I do I avoid uneven sweat lines?

Sweat and water (including rain) will immediately hault the tanning development process. To diminish excessive sweating you need to exfoliate your skin before getting your spray tan. Try to avoid spray tanning on a hot day. We also carry a line of specializes wipes to use over your body before the spray tan application.

You can also use talcum powder where you are likely to sweat once your spray tan application is dry. It is also recommended to wear dark, loose cotton clothing.
** Please make sure to take an umbrella if it looks like it is going to rain the day of your scheduled appointment. You do not want the rain to give you dots or wash away any product we have just applied on your skin.** Try not to put on your purse or your under garments because they might leave a mark.

Do not tint your eyebrows the same day that you spray tan. It could affect the color of the tan you are trying to achieve.

Also note that, tanning in a Bed for a Base Tan – This simple truth is that this process does nothing except dry out and ruin your skin. A ‘base tan’ is equivalent to SPF 2-4 (American Academy of Dermatologist). Just don’t do it. The tanning beds before a spray tan will cook your skin and the spray tan will have a hard time drying and processing. The tanning bed after your spray tan will dry out your already dry skin and create horrible flaking of the spray solution and often premature fading in patches. Not recommended….the California Cocktail is a thing of the past, not a good look on anyone.

Waxing Tips

Before you wax

  • 1. Hair length: You need some hair growth for the wax to hold onto, we recommend 1/4 of an inch. That’s is about 2-3 week of growing it after shaving.
  • 2. Particularly for women: Your skin is the most sensitive the time near your period, and waxing can be more painful than normal. So your appointment shouldn’t be any closer than a couple of days before of after your period. However you can still wax if you are on your period.
  • 3. Exfoliate:While the skin on the face is generally exfoliated enough in terms of waxing, the body needs a little help. A somewhat gritty body scrub will help rid dead cells around skin pores and hair follicles, providing an easier exit. Shower and lightly exfoliate your entire bikini area the day before your appointment using warm, not hot water. Make sure you are extra clean.
  • 4. Pain preventers: Take an Ibuprofen or Advil 30-45 minutes before your appointment if you are worried about pain. Also don’t forget about numbing cream 10 minutes before your waxing( yes, it’s complimentary -just come 10 min. early).
  • 5. Reduce acidity: Smoking and regular caffeine and alcohol consumption creates a lot of acid in the body’s system. You might benefit from taking something like Tums 20 minutes before your service to reduce acidity and therefore reduce skin’s sensitivity.
    Don’t drink a lot of caffeine or alcohol. While having a couple glass of wine or beer before getting waxed sounds like a great idea, stimulants in the system can cause skin to be extra sensitive to waxing.
    Give yourself a couple of hours after drinking coffee or alcohol before getting waxed. Instead, drink a lot of water to hydrate your body and skin.
  • 6. Don’t think waxing at home will be easy: It’s hard to do on yourself, and will really hurt if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • 7. Regrowth: Because of hair growth different cycles, sometimes the very first wax may already grow some stubble after couple of days. it’s not the hair waxed already growing, but it’s another cycle that was still in the skin during waxing.
    While it’s usually only small amount of hair , for more smooth results wax twice before an event or vacation, because the second time cycles are more even and there is less regrowth.While it’s usually only small amount of hair , for more smooth results wax twice before an event or vacation, because the second time cycles are more even and there is less regrowth.

After you wax

In the first 24-48 hours you may experience some sensitivity like redness or irritation in the area that was treated. These are normal and usually there is less reaction the longer you wax.

Here are some tips to follow during the first 48 hours after waxing

  • Do not use any exfoliating products, especially ones containing acids, since they might further irritate your skin.
  • Showers are better than bathes. Use only lukewarm water-not hot.
  • No saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools or other heated sources.
  • Do not expose treated area to ultra-violet rays indoor or outdoor. For your own protection always wear sunscreen.
  • Avoid heavy exercise for at least 24 hours.
  • To avoid ingrown hairs don’t wear tight clothes for the next couple of days.
  • Resist touching freshly waxed skin, especially on the face, as this may encourage irritation and some breakouts.
  • Sexual activity should be avoided for at least 24-48 hours.
  • To avoid ingrown hair exfoliate waxed area (starting after 48 hours since treatment)twice-three times a week to get rid of dead skin layer, so your hair can grow above skin surface.

Avoid for 24 hrs after waxing

  • Makeup, if face is waxed.
  • Deodorant with aluminum.
  • Salt Glow or stimulating body or facial treatments.

Threading Tips

Immediately after threading, take about two hours before you can put anything on your eyebrows including eyebrow cleansers, moisturizers or makeup as this could make bacteria to enter into your open pores.
Do now wait for your eyebrows completely to be messy. Ensure you go for touchups whenever you realize your brow hairs have grown above your skin.
In between your brow threading appointments, avoid using a razor to cut some of the eyebrows that might have grown. This will bring the same effect as shaving and will encourage growth of more course and thicker eyebrows. Consistent use of razor can encourage of ingrown hairs and you might grow too much hair.
Since eyebrow waxing removes a row of hairs at a time, ensure you do not take more hair than you intended.
Ensure the thread does not catch your skin, as this will be very painful.
The final tip is ensuring you have washed your face before you begin the process. This will remove any dead skin that might be present.