About Us

Our mission is to provide our guests with a luxurious, high end and inviting atmosphere in which guests will be able to attain a high glamour, low maintenance beauty regime of semi permanent lash extensions.

luxx lash salon about usThe goal of our lash salon is to enhance the beauty of each customer in a comfortable, safe and upscale environment where only the highest quality materials and highly trained technicians are utilized. We strive to obtain the ultimate in customer satisfaction in order to create a long term relationship with our guests. We look forward to making you feel and look even more beautiful!

Why Choose Us


why usThe spa-like atmosphere at Luxx Lash will put you immediately at ease. You will feel serenely confident knowing that you are in the hands of experienced and skilled technicians. Know that your eyes are intrusted to the hands of our caring and extensively trained staff. It is not just the service; it’s the entire experience which we will focus on. The use of aromatherapy, heated neck wraps, and lush blankets to cover the client if they are cold are just some of the complimentary tools we will use to help you relax before the lash application process begins. We will also utilize the premiere Xtreme Lash system and training procedures. Applying lash extensions is a highly technical and skilled procedure, yet many competitors take short cuts in the training department. Many lash technicians are taught by their peers at salons or other similar centers. A poorly executed lash extension job can be painful and damage a client’s lashes. Luxx Lash wants to uphold a true commitment to excellence by executing and providing the best to every client who walks through the door. We believe our clients deserve the best by the most highly trained and skilled professionals. First, all Luxx Lash technicians must be board licensed estheticians or board licensed cosmetologists. In addition, all our technicians will be required to attend an extensive training program through a certified lash program in addition to 6 levels of in-house training before they can be called a Luxx Lash stylist.