Why a Sunless Tan is the Best Kind of Tan

Why a Sunless Tan is the Best Kind of Tan

It’s summer which means the sun is getting brighter, the days are growing longer, and the hemlines getting shorter. And the perfect companion for those short shorts and sundresses is a gorgeous, bronze tan. To achieve the healthy glow in the past, you would have to sit in the sun or bake in a tanning bed. However, those options come with so many negatives effects like sunburns, wrinkles, and skin cancer. That is why sunless tanning is so effective, efficient, and just plain better.

What is Sunless Tanning?

Sunless tanning is just as it’s worded; it is tanning that is done without natural or artificial sun. Also commonly referred to as self-tanning or spray tanning, sunless tanning works by applying a tanning solution or spray to your skin to produce a darker, glowing look. With the much advancement in today’s tanning technology, sunless tanning gives the same beautiful effect that you would get tanning in the sun or in a tanning bed.

The Many Positives of a Sunless Tanning

Sunless tanning has many, many benefits. To find out what they are, keep reading.

Benefit #1: Minimizes the Risk of Skin Cancer

As stated above, one of the major advantages is decreasing the risk of skin cancer that is typically associated with tanning in the sun or artificial sun. Although anyone can get skin cancer from daily exposure to the sun without the use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen, these risks are significantly increased when you use traditional tanning.

Benefit #2: Instant Gratification

Nowadays, instant gratification is demanded of everything and the same goes for you tanning. With traditional tanning, depending on your natural skin color, it could take several sessions to achieve the depth of color you may want. With sunless tanning, you can build upon your tan in one session.

Benefit #3: Decreases Aging and Wrinkles

Another negative impact that traditional tanning has is increasing the aging of your skin. Just how the sun causes skin cancer, the sun can dry out your skin causing it to wrinkle and get age spots. Since there is no sun involved with sunless tanning, you eliminate all of these disadvantages giving you the best of both worlds.

Sunless Tanning at Luxx Lash Salon & Boutique

Are you ready to ditch your ancient ways to get glowing skin? Try our natural and organic sunless tanning today at Luxx Lash Salon & Boutique.

At Luxx Lash Salon and Boutique, we use the industry’s best tanning products, Sjolie Tan. Applied by our in-house specialized technician, are able to customize your tan so you look naturally sun kissed. We even do contouring and shading free of charge.

To learn more about how you can get the natural and healthy looking tan with sunless tanning, contact us or stop by our Addison or Richardson location today.