5 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Lash Highlights

Halloween – the one night of the year when you can be anything you want to be. Whether it’s a superhero, cartoon character, furry animal, French maid, or celebrity, costumes can take weeks of planning, particularly if you are building your look from scratch. No matter what you dress up as this Halloween, adding a few small details can elevate your costume from ordinary party store to amazingly authentic. Adding lash highlights to your eyelash extensions provides an extra little touch with a huge impact.

What are eyelash extension highlights?

Highlighted eyelash extensions have the same purpose as hair highlights – to add dimension to an otherwise average look. Colored lashes, available at select lash extension salons, can either be one color or a combination of a few. They multiply the volume and beauty of your natural lashes just like natural-colored eye lash extensions. However, lash highlights add an extra boost of drama, excitement, and individuality to your look, as well.

Lash highlights are perfect for Halloween because they allow you to customize your lash line to match your outfit. Here are 5 costume ideas to wear trick-or-treating that would look great with colored lashes.

1. Pretty as a Peacock with Blue Lash Extensions

Replicate the elegance and pride of a peacock with bold colors of purple, blue, and green. Feathery blue volume lashes will pair perfectly with a fluffy skirt. Don’t forget to stop by a local craft store for some peacock feathers to glue onto your outfit.

2. Bumblebee Yellow

You’ll be Queen Bee with yellow colored lashes framing your eyes. Find a yellow and black striped skirt, or make your own no-sew tulle skirt with a few supplies from the craft store. Top with a plain black t-shirt and yellow and black accessories.

sugar skull costume3. Sexy Pink Sugar Skull

Skulls have long been a universal symbol of Halloween. A sugar skull is just as festive, but a little more feminine. This costume is completely centered on the face. Start with a layer of white face paint all over the face. Then, use black liquid liner to color the tip of your nose, draw the lines around your mouth, and build a floral frame around your eyes. Then, use your favorite shade of pink lipstick to color in the flower petals around your eyes. As your eyes will be surrounded with black makeup, pink lash extensions will brighten them and keep them from getting lost in the darkness. Wear a large flower crown or flower pin in your hair to complete the look. 

Mermaid Costume with Lash Extensions4. Mystical Mermaid with Green Lashes

Make a splash with a fun and flirty mermaid costume that you can make in just a couple of hours! For this two piece costume, glue craft store seashells onto the bodice of a shape wear garment and green sequins onto a blue or green pencil skirt. Add a dash of magic to your look with green colored eyelash extensions.

 5. Electric Yellow Batgirl

Who said Dark Knight costumes were only for men? Pair a simple black t-shirt with a black skirt or leggings and dress up with a black cape and eye mask. Trace the bat symbol onto yellow poster board or construction paper, then cut out and pin onto your t-shirt. Gotham may not know your identity, but they will definitely remember your bright yellow lashes.


Colored eyelash extensions are a great way to make your costume stand out from the rest. Contact Luxx Lash Salon and Boutique today to learn more!