5 Tips for Exquisite Eyelash Extensions All Summer Long

Your calendar is full of pool parties, surf dates, beach volleyball games, and some free time set aside for you to laze around on the beach – it’s SUMMER! With a new bikini, glowing suntan, and dazzling eyelash extensions, you’re ready for all of the fun and excitement that your favorite season brings. Eyelash extensions are a girl’s best friend during the months when you’d rather be basking in the sun than sitting in front the mirror applying your makeup. It’s the most versatile part of summer fashion, keeping you looking great whether you’re diving into the pool or rocking out at a summer concert. With all of the fun that comes with summer, the raised temperatures and water exposure require a bit more maintenance. Here are 5 tips to keep your lashes looking great all summer.


1. Keep fresh lashes away from water for the first 48 hours.

During the first 2 days after your eyelash application, the adhesive creates a bond between the synthetic lash and your natural lash. Any contact with moisture can disrupt this process by damaging the glue and causing even the best eyelash extensions to shed prematurely. To avoid this, plan the application of your extensions to be at least 3 days before a pool party or trip to the beach. Also, stay out of the heat for long periods of time as sweat can do harm to your lashes as well. In addition, take baths instead of steamy showers and take extra care when washing around the face area, avoiding your eyes completely.


 2. Be gentle when drying off after a swim.

Once the first 48 hours have passed, you can safely resume all of the water activities that we enjoy so much in the summer. However, do not rub your eyes with a towel after getting out of the pool. The friction can loosen lashes at the root and cause them to shed. Instead, simply pat the skin around your eyes dry.


3. Keep away the sunscreen.

Without a doubt, the key to a safe and enjoyable summer is protecting your skin from the sun’s harsh rays. However, the chemicals within the sunscreen can damage your lashes and irritate your eyes. As a rule, it is best to keep sunscreen away from your eyes when applying it – regardless of whether or not you have eyelash extensions. However, it is especially important to be careful when you do.


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4. Don’t get dried out.

Texas heat is no stranger to Dallas lash extension lovers. However, while you may be accustomed to the warm conditions, your xtreme lashes are not. The high temperatures can cause your lashes to become brittle. If not taken care of properly, you could find your eyelashes falling out. Invest in a protective product, such as Xtreme Protective Coating, available exclusively at Luxx Lash Salon and Boutique. While it is normally recommended to apply the coating once or twice a week, the summer months require usage once every other day. Keep it handy in your beach bag for easy access when you’re out in the sun for an extended period of time. This will keep your eyelashes looking luscious and healthy throughout the summer.


5. Get rid of that waterproof eye makeup.Volume lashes summertime

One of the greatest benefits of false lashes is that they eliminate the need for mascara and/or eyeliner. That being said, many clients prefer to continue using eye makeup. If this is the case, be sure to stay away from waterproof varieties, as they require a heavy amount of friction to remove. Instead, wear regular mascara and use a non-oil based makeup remover to cleanse. Oil-based products naturally break down the adhesive, displacing the synthetic lashes. However, we highly recommend freeing yourself from that tube of mascara entirely as you will not need it.


Eyelash extensions are the perfect summer accessory. By caring for them properly, you can wake up each morning with full, glamorous lashes that will keep you looking fabulous wherever your summer adventures take you. No matter how busy your summer gets, be sure to visit your favorite lash salon for routine maintenance every 3 weeks to keep them in tip-top shape.